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Any presentation is more than an opportunity to just give people some information. It is more of a chance to influence people and persuade on a level that you never get in any other area. This is a chance to really work your audience.

Working your audience


Think about having a conversation with your audience. It may not be that they actually say anything, but if you can make them feel consulted, like they have been asked a question and maybe challenged, or perhaps even argued with; then they are far more likely to stay awake and attentive. It's your job as a presenter to stimulate and communicate with your audience. You need to get them to want the information you have. You're not there just to present that information at them.


Try to engage with your present audience, the one that is actually in front of you, not the one you have prepared for. Try to look for reactions to your ideas and respond to their signals. If you can't see light bulbs going on, find a different way to say it. Monitoring their reactions is the only way you'll know how you're doing and therefore what you should do next. The truth is if you don't interact you might as well have sent a video or a recording of your presentation. Interact, it's why you came.

Show conviction

If you can give an expressive and enthusiastic presentation then your audience will respond, which is what you want. At the very least disagreement is preferable to not being listened to. Pace yourself, give an exciting presentation, talk about something you know you feel strongly about to begin the build-up to an important point or perhaps as a springboard to another idea.

Get some perspective

It's odds on that someone in the audience will either not like you or will disagree with what you say. Also it's certain there will be someone else out there for whom you can do no wrong. Hold on to the idea that the majority of audiences want to like you. They want to hear what you have to say and they want you to be good. They didn't come along hoping to be bored or looking to be irritated by your presentation.

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