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It really is possible for anyone to acquire good presentation skills. For many of us the idea of presenting can feel daunting and we expect it will be an unpleasant experience. It really needn't be so. Just by following a few of these simple but effective tips you can quickly develop a style you will feel comfortable and at ease with.

Presentation style

Be yourself

Your own personal gestures or vocal inflections can be used to your advantage. This is good news as it can be hard to change the way you express yourself. Your most effective presentations will be the ones where you put all your energy into the presentation (you'll hear this message again). Don't put any effort into trying to be like someone else or copying another presenter's style.


It's better to be more expressive rather than less. These days role models for 'good communicators' are frequently those we see on TV. When you give a presentation it is not you on TV. This is you communicating to a live audience. Gestures will help understanding and convey enthusiasm for your topic.

Be Dynamic

This is not meant to be a flippant comment. All of us tend to pay more attention to things that change. So if you can vary the tone, volume and speed of your delivery you are likely to hold people's attention for longer.

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